Goats In Trees

Everyone knows goats have been known to do some pretty bizarre things sometimes including hanging out in trees…. But why do they do this? And how? Well it turns out goats are actually pretty awesome climbers, especially the ones who live in mountainous areas, despite their hooves and stumpy legs. And the answer isn’t that surprising; … More Goats In Trees


Most of the weird animals I normally feature are at least a little bit cute but today’s is a little different; it’s often described as the world’s ugliest animal but it’s also been said to have ‘kind, and very wise’ eyes… meet the Blobfish! Quick Facts Class: Actinopterygii Conservation Status: Endangered Found: Deep waters off the coasts … More Blobfish

4 Reasons Quokkas Should Be Your Favourite Animal!

Quokkas are often (half-jokingly) labelled the happiest animals in the world thanks to their adorable faces and constant grins! Despite this, surprisingly few people have heard of the little marsupials. Nevertheless, here are 4 reasons why Quokkas are completely awesome and are sure to immediately become your favourite animal! 1. They can survive for really long periods … More 4 Reasons Quokkas Should Be Your Favourite Animal!

Sri Lankan Frogmouth

Quick Facts Class: Aves (Birds) Conservation Status: Least Concern (yay!) Found: South India and Sri Lanka Other Names: Ceylon Frogmouth Weirdest Features: Have you seen their faces? It’s Pretty Clear Where Their Name Comes From… These awesome looking birds have a pretty literal name – they’re found primarily in Sri Lanka and have these wide, flat bills … More Sri Lankan Frogmouth