10 Incredible Photographs of The Earth From Above

The Earth is amazing, we all know that and what’s cooler is that we get to see it every day – both the awesome and not-so-awesome parts! What we don’t get to see so often is how it looks from above!

So here’s a great collection of photographs of the Earth, taken from above, just to show you how incredible (and weird!) our planet is!

1. Pjorsa River, Iceland

Yes, that is a river flowing over lava (now cooled and solidified of course) – Iceland is awesome!

2. Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada

3. Casamance, Senegal

4. Igazu Falls, Argentina

5. Pilbara Region, Western Australia

6. Mato Grosso, Brazil

7. The Australian Outback


8. Djerba, Tunisia





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