Sri Lankan Frogmouth

Quick Facts

Class: Aves (Birds)
Conservation Status: Least Concern (yay!)
Found: South India and Sri Lanka
Other Names: Ceylon Frogmouth
Weirdest Features: Have you seen their faces?

It’s Pretty Clear Where Their Name Comes From…

These awesome looking birds have a pretty literal name – they’re found primarily in Sri Lanka and have these wide, flat bills and head’s as wide as their body, resembling a frog, hence Sri Lankan Frogmouth!

But that’s not the only cool thing about these guys, they usually grow to be around 23cm in length and, compared to other birds in the same genus, Batrachostomus, their wings are pretty small.

Male and female Frogmouths look slight different. In general they have grey-brown feathers but the men are more grey-ish and the female more of a warm, chestnut brown. There’s also differences in their feathers depending on where they’re from! Females from India tend to have black speckles on their head, but this isn’t so obvious or sometimes missing completely from Sri Lankan females.

You might have noticed their eyes too – they remind me a bit of wise-looking cartoon owls or someone with under-plucked eyebrows and over-done mascara because of their short, stiff bristles in front of and around their eyes!

Where & How They Live

Frogmouths are usually found living in tropical forests with dense undergrowth but they can be pretty difficult to find because their feathers help keep them camouflaged and they are nocturnal. However, they do tend to live in the same spot for months at a time.

When they’re feeling threatened they’ll often open their (already large) mouths wide but they’re not exactly confrontational – mostly they just try and blend into the surrounding trees, attempting to look like another branch, and will willingly sit there for a long time before they attempt any sort of escape.

Like most birds, they tend to eat insects which they either catch in mid-flight or gather from trees and the ground.


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