5 Things You Never Knew About Giraffes

1. Giraffes have a real drinking problem…

So everyone knows their necks are (comically) long but did you also know it causes some real problems when giraffes have to try and drink? They often have to put real effort into craning their necks down to the water while they spread their front legs out at funny angles.

This leaves them super-clumsy and, therefore, really vulnerable to predators like crocodiles!

To combat this, giraffes have this incredible digestive system which lets them extract most of the water they need from the plants they eat meaning they only have to actually drink once per day!

2. Giraffes are awesome fighters!

Seriously, even most lions are too scared to attack them! A single kick could actually decapitate a lion, they’re that powerful. Plus they can kick in any direction and, don’t forget, they have those hard, sharp hooves which can be up to 30cm long!

3. They have big hearts!

Literally. I mean, think about how big a giraffe is and how powerful their heart has to be to pump blood all the way around that body!

Their hearts are around 60cm long, weigh about 11kg, beat 170 times per minute and pump about 60 litres of blood per minute!

Plus, because of their long necks they have the highest blood pressure of any mammal!

4. The have awesome tongues!

The giraffe tongue can up up to 20 inches long and is a dark purple colour to stop it getting sun burnt because they spend so long with it sticking out of their mouths – it’s useful for stripping leaves and bark off trees and, of course, cleaning their noses…

5. Their name basically means Camel-Leopard

Which I think is awesome! Their scientific name is, if you can even say this, Giraffa camelopardalis and it comes from the Greek word for Camel and Leopard because the ancient Greeks believed they looked like Camels wearing a leopard’s coat.

I can see it…


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