4 Reasons Quokkas Should Be Your Favourite Animal!

Quokkas are often (half-jokingly) labelled the happiest animals in the world thanks to their adorable faces and constant grins! Despite this, surprisingly few people have heard of the little marsupials. Nevertheless, here are 4 reasons why Quokkas are completely awesome and are sure to immediately become your favourite animal!

Weird Nature - Quokkas are adorable!

1. They can survive for really long periods without food, thanks to their tails!

Quokkas are herbivores who mainly eat leaves, bark, grass and plant stems which they collect and eat at night. However, sometimes there might be problems with gathering or finding food so they keep fat stores in their long, rat-like tails which can sustain them for surprisingly long periods of time!

2. They’re always curious

Quokkas are curious little guys and they’re naturally very trusting of other animals and people. They’re found in Western Australia, often in areas which attract a lot of tourists, so it’s not surprising to see these little guys wander up to people. However, it’s important to remember not to touch them or feed them – feeding them the wrong food can poison them and if they do feel threatened they do have very sharp claws and will bite.

3. They look awesome!

Lets be honest, quokkas are adorable! Fully grown, they’re around the size of a cat; their bodies grow to be around 40 – 54cm long including their long tails. They tend to be pretty short with broad heads and an adorable little black nose and small, round ears. But in contrast to this, they have the long feet that are typical of marsupials!

Plus, look at their little faces, they’re always smiling!

4. They’re the most awesome marsupials

Everyone knows about marsupials like kanagroos and wallabies, however not many have heard of the quokka. Like its famous relatives, quokkas have little pouches, pretty long feet and tails and are herbivores, however what makes them different is the fact that they can also climb trees and shrubs, are much smaller and constantly look happy!


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