4 Things You Didn’t Know About Tamarins

Even if you don’t know tamarins by name, you’ll surely know them by sight – they’re the cute little monkeys with the awesome moustaches! Or at least the Emperor Tamarins and Moustached Tamarin Monkey are, there are also Lion Tamarins who are just as cute just without the moustache.  Here are 4 awesome facts about the tamarin:

Tamarins Usually Have Twins

Tamarin pregnancy usually lasts between 140 and 145 days, then the female give birth to live young. Tamarins have been known to give birth to triplets but twins are the most common!


Tamarins are Omnivores

Tamarins have a pretty varied diet consisting of parts of plants such as fruits, sap and flowers, as well as small animals like frogs, spiders, insects and small birds eggs. Because they’re so small and light, they can reach food on the very tips of branches that is inaccessible to most other monkeys.


Emperor Tamarins Got Their Name from the German Emperor Wilhelm II

Emperor Wilhelm II was the last German Kaiser and was often pictured with a large moustache. When these little tamarins were named, it is said that it was because their moustaches resembled Wilhelm’s so closely.


The Golden Lion Tamarin Is Endangered

It’s estimated that there are only around 1,000 Golden Lion Tamarins left in the wild because of destruction of their habitats, making them an endangered species. Look how sweet they are – we need to protect these gorgeous little guys!


Which was your favourite fact? Let me know in the comments!


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