Goats In Trees

Everyone knows goats have been known to do some pretty bizarre things sometimes including hanging out in trees….

But why do they do this? And how?

Well it turns out goats are actually pretty awesome climbers, especially the ones who live in mountainous areas, despite their hooves and stumpy legs. And the answer isn’t that surprising; it’s all about food!

Argania Trees

These tree-exploring goats climb a type of tree which which found pretty much only in Morocco called the Argania tree.

These trees are known for their rough bark being covered in thorns and their crooked branches. They produce a fruit every year which is what attracts the goats. But instead of waiting for the fruit to fall and grazing from the floor like a sane animal, these goats like to hop up into the trees, wobble along the somewhat-flimsy branches and snack on the berries straight from the plant.

Argania Trees close up. Article Goats in Trees by Rachel Oates. Weird Nature. WeirdNature

Tamri Goats

The goats are called Tamri Goats and live in dry, dusty environments in Morocco. In these area, the chewy berries of the Argania tree are practically irresistible and well worth a good climb.

Like a lot of dogs and cats, Tamri Goats have 2 vestigial toes a little way up their legs which are called dewclaws. They’re a lot firmer on goats and are used to help them climbing up and down steep surfaces, like trees!

Article Goats in Trees by Rachel Oates. Weird Nature. WeirdNature

Awesome Climbers

It’s not just Tamri Goats who are known for their climbing skills. In North America Mountain Goats have been known to live at altitudes of around 13,000ft and have been seen to climb new-vertical rock faces. These little guys are crazy but to them it’s all worth it in search of food!

Wall-Climbing Mountain Goats. Article Goats in Trees by Rachel Oates. Weird Nature. WeirdNature


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